Monday, 25 September 2017

Mother of Dragons Illustration - Process Breakdown

Mother of Dragons Illustration by Naomi Robinson

I originally created my 'Mother of Dragons' piece for the start of Game of Thrones Season 7 although the piece took a lot longer to create so I ended up releasing for the season finale instead.

For each illustration I start with a mood board. So I collect images relevant to the theme or concept of the piece, and then add more specific reference to the mood board as I work out what I'll need to be painting. In this case I already had the pre-existing foundation of the series visuals and Emilia Clarke to use as reference so I only really needed to collect images of Emilia Clarke, Danerys and her Dragon to create the piece.

Initially the piece was inspired by the HBO advert where the characters teased in their new season 7 costumery. You can see both of the advert examples marked (1 & 2) in the mood board below. There was something about Danerys in this costume, and her expression that really inspired me to make this piece.

I created a little Work in Progress (WIP) video to show the different progress stages throughout the piece. One part of the creation process that I wasn't able to cover in the video was the colour scheme choices. You can see below that I whittled the colour choices from image (1) down to (3), opting for the first sketch (a) to develop.

You can see all the work in progress stages in the YouTube video linked here:

Hope you found this breakdown interesting and helpful. Let me know if you want to know anything more about the piece!

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