Monday, 18 September 2017

Journey into illustration pt. 2: SEP-NOV Update


I was originally going to update the print blog every week to see progress with print making and the marketing side of the shop. But after 6 weeks of progress it seems more realistic to update the print blog once a month. So this is the slightly late mid October update.

I now have 3 original prints on my print and merch shops (4 if you count my Isometric World with two different backgrounds). I've also been working out how to create interest and visibility for the prints using social media. And more importantly if I'm creating anything of interest to people to begin with! I think there is always a balancing act between staying true to your own interests/passions and also creating things of value to other people. This is something I am still experimenting with and will try and work out some conclusions in the next coming month.

Print Analysis

The good:
  • So far the isometric piece has received the most interest on my adjacent social media presences.
  • I have one new piece being developed with an autumnal theme.
  • I've managed to meet my previous blog goal of 1 new print fortnightly.
The Bad:
  • I've reached 3 prints but using previously created work. New work is likely to have a much slower output.
  • Need to create more things of interest, create more interest in prints and pieces.

Social Media Analysis

The good:
  • Some posting of new pieces across the social media platforms.
  • Posted new print last Mon, posted #WIP autumn print last Wednesday that received reasonable interest.
The Bad:
  • Social media posting on twitter has been inconsistent. Some weeks good, some weeks posting but not using the campaign structure.
  • Instagram posting has been only of really finished pieces. Missing the #WIP posts.
  • FB is similar to instagram. Both could be improved!

Overall Analysis

I listed a few goal points in my initial blog regarding research, intent, style and practice. I think these goals need to be reduced at very least, and de-prioritised to 'Would like to have' but with the main priority focusing on new prints and social media.

  • Need to prioritise the creation of new prints.
  • Get the ideation stage of new prints created very early and tested.
  • Post more consistently to all social media, stick very clearly to the social media campaign ideas.
  • Add specific social media platform goals to bullet journal.
  • Test and work out interest levels with different ideas, concepts and themes.

  • 2 new prints (autumnal)

Social Media:
  • (1st Wednesday) #WIPWEDNESDAY posts (twitter, insta, FB)
  • (2nd Wednesday) #WIPWEDNESDAY posts (twitter, insta, FB)
  • (Friday following) Final piece posting
  • (Monday following) WIP video, Blog discussion on piece

You can see more of my work at: Main Website / Society6 Prints / INPRNT PrintsTwitter / Instagram / Snapc

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